BRALO adds to its range of powered tools the battery riveter for rivet nuts BT-18N. Do you want to know its advantages?

The essential advantages of this battery riveter are the real power that is transferred to the application, generating great speed, and high reliability.

The battery-powered rivet nut tool has a brushless motor, 18V Lithium-Ion technology and 2.5 Ah and 5.0 Ah batteries.

Features of a versatile riveter

With a pulling force of 18000N and the ability to drive nuts from M3 to M10, the BT-18N battery-powered riveter provides power and versatility.

Each element of this battery tool has been meticulously designed to meet durability demands while offering simple and easy maintenance.

Ways to regulate the battery riveter

The BT-18N can be adjusted under two parameters, stroke or traction force, and the settings can be saved on a screen built into the riveter.

Stroke regulation or “S” mode: the BT-18N has 10 programmable memories for stroke regulation.

When working in “S” mode, the riveter uses all of its traction force, but limits its travel to the programmed stroke.

Therefore, it is an ideal working mode for line production of an application that remains unchanged.

That is, always the same nut to be riveted in the same material and with the same thickness.

This allows you to fine-tune the application and ensure that the rivet nut is optimally positioned.

Traction force regulation or “P” mode: In this mode the tool has another 10 additional memories for regulation.

When working in “P” mode, what we do is regulate the amount of force that the machine uses to rivet the nut.

So, it is ideal when the same model of nut is used, but the thickness of the base material is not always the same.

Working in this mode, the BT-18N uses a quality control system for the riveting process, warning with an acoustic signal in these cases:

  • If the nut has not been riveted correctly due to incorrect adjustment.
  • If the nut has not been riveted correctly because it has not rested correctly on the base material.
  • Or, for any other reason that detects an incorrect riveting process.

This warning function gives the riveter great reliability, since quality is assured in the riveting and, therefore, in the application.

    Advantages when working with a battery riveter

    The battery riveter for rivet nuts, in addition to being easily programmable, offers a series of advantages in daily use:

    – The tool has an automatic threading system with pressure for quick installation, as well as an unscrewing button to avoid jams.

    – It also has a counter that shows the number of nuts placed, and that can be reset to zero when we need to start a new count.

    – It has an LED light that improves visibility in low-light work areas.

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    Accessories and contents of the BT18N riveter

    BRALO has kits that are supplied as optional accessories for placing rivet studs from M5 to M8 with this battery-powered tool.

    The BT-18N riveter comes equipped with a battery, charger, easily interchangeable mandrels from M3 to M10 and an instruction manual.

    High productivity and performance riveting machine

    The BT18N battery riveter for rivet nuts is ideal for outdoor work as it is a “cordless tool”, to the detriment of pneumatic machines.

    To achieve greater durability, the 5.0 Ah battery is optionally supplied for continuous work.

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