Innovation Quality


In the central area of ​​Research and Development, our employees, highly qualified, work on new ideas that will make our products more efficient, comfortable, safer and more respectful with the environment. Its high degree of technical knowledge allows us to advance in the development of new products and fixing solutions that adapt to the market requirements, which are increasingly demanding.

However, innovation in Bralo is much more than inventing a new product. We are aware that innovation can take many forms and can take place anywhere in the organization. Being an innovative company requires that the activity be carried out throughout the organization.

In Bralo we are pioneers in the development of new services improving technology and delivery service processes. We are at the forefront of optimizing processes that not only allow us to reduce costs, but also make it easier for the client to do business with the company.

The technology in BRALO has the mission of creating value and knowledge of its own through R&D and specialized technological support in the field of production processes and the company’s products and services.


In all production plants exist a Quality System plan based on some exigent inspections requirements for raw materials, products and machinery. We have the most advanced technology for computer control throughout the production process, and all our plants operates automatically.

The commitment of BRALO for the constant improvement of our products and services, leads us to manage the quality system based on increasingly demanding standards. All our plants are accredited with ISO 9001: 2015. Furthermore, as a clear example of our commitment to quality, we also have IATF 16949: 2016 quality certifications, reference standard for large automotive groups.

For the realization of the experimental work that guarantees the specifications of our clients, Bralo has a complete equipment:

  • Laboratory equipment for the small-scale study of operations and processes.
  • Equipment for chemical and structural analysis of products and raw materials.
  • Complete metallographic laboratory.
  • Test equipment of physical and chemical characteristics for the performance of leak and corrosion tests.
  • Modelling and simulation equipment for industrial processes.
  • Equipment for mechanical tests of wires and pieces to record the admitted voltage, deformations, elastic limits and repeatability.
  • Equipment for measuring the thicknesses of protective coatings.

All these means of control and analysis of the process, have an analogy in the means of control of manufacturing processes in plant, where all the metrological equipment is integrated in a modern system of “Shop Floor Control” that allows us to know in any At the moment, the traceability data, process parameters, finishing status and inspection status of each and every one of the elements in production.


BRALO’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development leads it to carry out an active management of its activities from the environmental point of view, its newly renewed certification UNE EN ISO 14001:2015, both in the use of resources and recycling of materials, as in the environmental management of production processes.